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WOLF 180

The Wolf 180 has been a major success as a recreational boat. Not too big for a dam to ski or fish and not too small for the waves Lake Kariba can throw at you. A fantastic all purpose hull.

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The Bazooka 180 is a deceptively versatile hull. Light enough to plane with just a 50hp yet sturdy and spacious enough to carry up to eight people for fishing or cruise purposes.

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The Coyote 180 has been geared more towards fishing than recreational but can be used very easily for both. With a much bigger deck and more storage space it makes manoeuvrability so much easier for those needing to to get from the front to the back whilst bassing.

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The Delta 160 is a versatile vessel used to transport people to and from normally in-accessible areas. They are used very well in the Okovango Delta and Mozambique for transportation of work forces.

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The Panther 180 is a vessel with a deeper hull for easier riding of larger waves. It is an amazing vessel for Lakes and Rivers and can easily be powered by a 125hp up to a 250hp.

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The Piranha 160... Turbo Glass flagship boat. With over 3000 sold in the two decades the company has run. It is a superb all round boat with over 10 decks to comply with any and all requirements needed.

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  1. Piranha EF 160 Brilliant boat this one in particular is a bullet.. 16 foot boat 150 Intruder and 28 pitch prop, yet the piranha handles it like a dream as tho it was a smaller motor, does not walk or wobble just sits flat and sturdy! Driver says he has never felt safer in a boat before.. Well done turbo Glass


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