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Newsletter  1/14
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Crocodile attack in the Gache Gache river:

On the 6th of July Pat Townsend from Gache Gache Lodge wrote a short account of the happenings :
‘’We are sorry to report a tragic accident in the Gache Gache River today. A man was taken by a crocodile. We have a professional team out there right now looking for the croc and hoping to recover the body. Sincere condolences to his wife at this sad time, she was with him on the yacht, when he was taken. She and her friends are now at the lodge where they are being taken care of. Please let this be a serious wake up call to everyone who goes to Kariba.’’
And later on :
‘’There are various reports on the internet and facebook stating that the croc attack was AT Gache Gache Lodge. This is incorrect and I have contacted most and asked them to correct this. The attack was in the Gache Gache River diagonally across from the lodge quite a way down river. We were only too happy to take the unfortunate people in for the night and help them through their awful ordeal and do whatever we could to assist, as anyone would.’’
‘’We wish Jenny and the family peace and healing after their trauma. Please respect the family's privacy at this time.’’

The Turbo Glass team send out our heartfelt condolences and prayers to all involved during these hard times.

Elephant on the Gache river

Bird watching – Zimbabwe’s latest craze :

Bird watching has rapidly become a tourists dream in Zimbabwe, with some of Africa’s rarest species frequenting the rivers and islands of the Zambezi. Chundu Island, Victoria Falls is quickly becoming a well renowned bird haven for all you ‘spotters’ out there. With birds like the Shalows Turaco and Western Barn Owl to keep you company.

Shalows Turaco

Western Barn Owl

Tiger fishing on the Zambezi:

Trawling for news and we came across this very interesting article about the seasons, times and methods that have been used to catch the elusive Tiger Fish.

African Fisherman:

Who doesn’t know of the African Fisherman Magazine?! They have been around for decades and have supplied us with hours of informative stories, fishing tips and information about Africa, our lakes and rivers and the sheer beauty it offers. Their magazine is now available online!

First cover ever

Next months fishing competitions:

With the weather set to warm up, the rains stopping and the waters clearing fishing season is slowly creeping up on us. Here are the August highlights.

·         Junior Tiger Fisherman of the Zambezi – 10/11th August at Olive Beadle. Get in touch here.
·         International Zambezi Classic – 27/31st August at Nyanti camp in Katima Mulilo, Namibia. Get in touch here.
·         Cast for cash bass tournament – 30th August at Mayfair dam. Get in touch here.

Second hand boats for sale:

From time to time we get some second hand boats into Turbo Glass for sale. This months deals are:

·         Wolf 180 with all extras and a 150hp Mariner motor for $14’000.00. Please click here for photos and description.
·         Piranha Classic F160 with 90hp Evinrude and all extras $7500.00. Please click here for photos and description.

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The new all species boat. Sniper 180

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